New hope for hyperlipidemia Hypercholesterolemia treatment through Ayurveda

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Introduction OF hyperlipidemia

Cholesterol is also called as HDL, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia,hyperlipoproteinemia,LDL

LDL:- Low density lipoprotein are molecules that carry cholesterol. They are known as bad cholesterol.They built up in wall of arteries and results in heart disease and stroke.

HDL:- High density lipoprotein are the molecules that carry cholesterol and they are good. They carrycholesterol to the difference part of the body and also take it back to the liver. Cholesterol reducesthe risk of heat disease and stroke.which was not used in synthesis of bile acid.

Triglycerides:- Triglycerides as major components of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) and chylomicrons.It plays important role in metabolism, energy sources and transportation of dietary fat.

VLDL:- very low density lipoprotein molecules are produced by liver from triglycerides and cholesterol

AYURVEDA DETAILS OF hyperlipidemia

As per Ayuveda we have to look for anavaha strotus, rasavaha strotus, raktavaha strotus and medhavaha strotus.

Case presentation

A person of 82 yr male come with complains of
Aruchi (Do not like to eat food)
Apachan (indigestion)
bhram (giddiness)
ura dha (burning in heart region)
sharir gaurava (heaviness in body)
sharir sula (pain in body)
Adhaman (flatulence)
mala avasthamba (constipation)
but his main consent was very high serum triglycerides 633 mg/dl, VLDL ,serum creatine.
person was know case of hypertention,Dibetic,hyperlipidemia.
He was on morden medication scince 4yr.


For first 15 days medication was given for his amlapitta and apachan
sutshekar ras 1 BD
shankha vati 1 BD
Amlapittanashak Ark 5ml BD with water
Dashmoolarishta 10ml BD with water
Rasa pachak Kwath 20ml BD with water

After 15 days his complains related to Amlapitta and Apachan was resolved.
Arogyavardhani vati 1 BD
Triphala guggulu 1 BD
Chandraprabha vati 1BD
Amlapittanashak Ark 5ml BD with water
Dashamoolarishta 10ml BD with water
Punarnavarishta 10ml BD with water
Rasa pachak kwath 10ml BD with water
Rakta pachak 10ml BD with water

Afer 15 day other comlains of Bharam,sharir gaurava,sharir sula,Adhaman,mala avasthamba was resolved
Than medication was given for 1 month
Arogyavardhani vati 1 BD
Chandraprabha vati 1 BD
Ayashkrity 10ml BD with water
Dashamoolarishta 10ml BD with water
Rasa+rakata pachak kwath 20ml BD with water
Mehari Ark 5ml BD with water

On Date 15/10/2016 blood report where repeated lipid profile ,LFT ,RFT was done and there was significant change.

Hridayarnava ras 1 BD
Prabhakar vati 1 BD
Dashmolarishta 10ml BD with water
Ayashkrity 10ml BD with water
Mehari Ark 5ml BD with water
Rasa+Rakta pachak kwath 20ml BD with water
this was repated for next one month.


Improvement in Lipid profile,liver functions,renal function that also after use of herbo-mineral combination


Total cholesterol
Serum triglycerides
HDL cholesterol
TC/HDLC ratio
Alkaline phosphatase
Serum creatine


154 mg/dl
633.0 mg/dl
26.7 mg/dl
126.6 mg/dl
0.7 mg/dl
54 U/L
52 U/L
241 IU/L
2.35 mg/dl


152 mg/dl
189 mg/dl
52 mg/dl
28 U/L
26 U/L

1.13 mg/dl


164 mg/dl
141 mg/dl
44 mg/dl
28.2 mg/dl
86 mg/dl
26.2 U/L
20.6 U/L
51.9 IU/L
1.16 mg/dl

Normal range

125-200 mg/dl
25-200 mg/dl
35-80 mg/dl
5-40 mg/dl
85-130 mg/dl
13-40 U/L
40-131 IU/L
0.5-1.5 mg/dl


Through Ayurveda Treatment hyperlipidemia can get manage best. without harming liver and kidney
This will reduce heart diseases,stroke,atherosclerosis.
There was not any harm to kidney function or deposition of heavy metal in report even after use of herbo-mineral combination


Warning:The information here is only for the purpose of knowledge.

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By Dr.Omprakash Yadav

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