Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Center

Phone: +919699666426
Address: Dr.Omprakash Yadav Shiv Shiva Ayurveda 13, plot-102C, siddiqui mohammad compound, Old Prabhadevi Marg, Prabhadevi
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025

Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Center

Dr. Omprakash Yadav


Prakriti-based Ayurvedic medicine

A step towards personalized medicine

“SHIV SHIVA AYURVEDA” Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Center With Dr. Omprakash Yadav ( Ayurveda Doctor ) has successfully demonstrated an ability to manage chronic disorders that Western medicine has been unable to do. Ayurveda and other traditional health practices can form the basis for a new, improved approach to public health, including health promotion, and affordable primary care functions, especially for communicable and chronic diseases. SHIV SHIVA AYURVEDA‘s holistic approach and its emphasis on prevention have the potential to improve the health status of the population.

Best Choice

Most Authentic Panchakarma Unit.

Good Clinical Practise

At SHIV SHIVA AYURVEDA we have Good Clinical Practice (GCP) an international ethical and scientific quality standard.

Specialty programs for stable or progressive diseases in arresting / reversing / curing the root cause of the disease and its symptomatic manifestations.

1. Stroke Rehabilitation program
2. Cancer Rehabilitation program (quality of life enhancement)
3. Geriatric Care
4. Lifestyle Disorders
     Diabetes & related complications
5. Muscle – Bone – Joint disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Low Back Ache, Frozen Shoulder, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Cervical Spondylosis, etc.
6. Neurological Disorders
     Cerebral Palsy
     ADHD, Autism
7. Gynecology & Women’s Health
     Menstrual /Uterine disorders

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